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Status Is a defect
Workspace Db2 for z/OS
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 22, 2021

Client Application Name (QMDAAPPL from IFCID 0003) used in column RLFEUAN from SYSIBM.DSNRLMTxx tables to governor distributed applications

We would like to use table SYSIBM.DSNRLMTxx (SYSIBM.DSNRLMT01) in order to avoid that certain applications, coming from distributed environment and reaching Db2 for z/OS through DDF, can execute SQL statements.

We’d like to completely block these applications specifying ASUTIME, RLFASUERR and RLFASUWARM equal 0.

We know that this application runs in distributed platform in a file called ‘Pesquisa db2.exe’ (this is just an example).

We also know, through case TS006740623, that the field used in SYSIBM.DSNRLMTxx to specify application name is RLFEUAN and the value in RLFEUAN should be the exact name which appears on an Accounting Trace in Field QWHCEUTX/TRANSACT (obtained from the one which appear on internal Control Block CCB).

But we noticed that the value of QWHCEUTX/TRANSACT for application “Pesquisa db2.exe” is truncated on the first blank and appears like “Pesquisa”.

But If I specify only “Pesquisa” in RLFEUAN, I will block another applications whose name starts by “Pesquisa”, e.g “Pesquisa teste.exe”, that in fact I don’t want to block.

I’d like to be precise about application name I’m informing in RLFEUAN to block exactly what I want to block.

We noticed that in Accounting Trace field called 'CLIENT APPLNAME’ (QMDAAPPL) we have the complete name of application coming from distributed environment: “Pesquisa DB2.exe”.

I’d like that I could specify this complete name in RLFEUAN (the same that I see in QMDAAPPL) in order to be more granular in terms of identifying application I want to limit resource consumption.

Needed By Not sure -- Just thought it was cool
  • Guest
    Apr 25, 2022

    Hi, Janet.

    Thank you very much for letting me that this idea is in fact a defect. I saw APAR PH45560 was opened. We'll keep waiting for its closure and we'll apply final PTF when available.


    Paulo R Petrachini

  • Admin
    Janet Figone
    Apr 6, 2022

    Dear Paulo, Our Db2 for z/os development team reviewed this idea again and determined this is a defect. Some one from our client success team will be contacting you soon to request that a new case be created, with our intent to resolve with a Db2 APAR.

    Thank you,

    Db2 for z/OS team

  • Admin
    Janet Figone
    Mar 28, 2022

    Dear Paulo, Thank you. Our Db2 for z/OS development team has reviewed your questions and provided the following feedback:

    Q1: Is there any other impact using DDF_COMPATIBILITY= DISABLE_CLIENTAPPLNAME_TRUNCATION beyond that ones you've mentioned here

    A1: This would impact the special register CURRENT CLIENT_APPLNAME so anything that references that special register will get impacted

    Q2: One more question: do you think a value like DISABLE_CLIENTAPPLNAME_TRUNCATION for DDF_COMPATIBILITY could be retrofitted to DB2 12 or only would be available in a next DB2 version ?

    A2: We may implement this as a V12 APAR.

  • Guest
    Mar 11, 2022

    Dear Janet,

    One more question: do you think a value like DISABLE_CLIENTAPPLNAME_TRUNCATION for DDF_COMPATIBILITY could be retrofitted to DB2 12 or only would be available in a next DB2 version ?


    Paulo R Petrachini

  • Guest
    Mar 7, 2022

    Dear Janet,

    Thank you for last comment.

    At first sight, it sounds good, OK and enough to me have a new value for zPARM parameter DDF_COMPATIBILITY that makes possible to have CLIENT APPLNAME preserved WITH embedded blanks (DISABLE_CLIENTAPPLNAME_TRUNCATION).

    Nowadays our use of RLF and system profiling monitoring is based on AUTHID. The situation related on this Aha-Idea is the first case where we would like to control amount of resources allowed based on Client application name.

    Is there any other impact using DDF_COMPATIBILITY= DISABLE_CLIENTAPPLNAME_TRUNCATION beyond that ones you've mentioned here ?


    Paulo R Petrachini

  • Admin
    Janet Figone
    Mar 2, 2022

    Dear Paulo,

    Our concern is making changes which impact existing users dependent on the current behavior, not only those who use RLF but also profile monitoring functions. To avoid affecting existing users we propose adding behavior where the CLIENT APPLNAME is preserved WITH embedded blanks and is activated by setting the existing Db2 system parameter DDF_COMPATIBILITY to a new value such as DISABLE_CLIENTAPPLNAME_TRUNCATION. This way existing users can keep the default first blank truncation behavior, while users that want the new behavior need to set DDF_COMPATIBILITY= DISABLE_CLIENTAPPLNAME_TRUNCATION. Note again this will affect both RLF and any system profiling monitoring behavior that use CLIENT_APPLNAME filters.

    Can you please provide your comment on this proposal?

    Thank you,

    The Db2 for z/OS Development team

  • Guest
    Feb 11, 2022

    Dear Janet, thank you very much for analyzing our Aha! Idea. Sometimes we have offensor applications reaching Db2 on z/OS coming from distributed platform and we need to stop processing them as soon as possible. After avoiding that these applications reach Db2 for z/OS, we can identify who is in charge of them and understand what exactly is the problem, how to solve it and also asked them to use the API datasource.setClientProgramName to better identify with Db2 z/OS.

    But we'd like some way to block them even when they are not using se the API datasource.setClientProgramName yet.

    So we asked to RLFEUAN to be compared to QMDAAPPL that we believe has the complete CLIENT APPLANAME, containing blanks, always.


  • Admin
    Janet Figone
    Feb 10, 2022

    Dear Paulo, Thank you for submitting this Aha! Idea. Our development team has reviewed it and determined that they will not be modifying Db2 code. Instead, they are updating product documentation to suggest that applications having the client application name with embedded blanks use the API datasource.setClientProgramName to set the complete name (with embedded blanks). Then the same name can be used in the RLFEUAN column.

    We do hope you find this helpful and hope that you will continue to submit your product enhancement ideas to us for thoughtful consideration.


    The Db2 for z/OS team