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Workspace Informix
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 20, 2019

Add CLIENT_LABEL parameter for setnet32 (ODBC) connections


We have noticed there is no parameter value we can set for CLIENT_LABEL through setnet32 driver.

To debug or diagnose particular user session easily, we would request to add this 'CLIENT_LABEL' parameter into setnet32. One other thing we would like to be known:  Is there a way to pass User login as a parameter value through this CLIENT_LABEL parameter as we use a common user to connect into the database from the client application side or Windows end?

Hard coded value would not be helpful to distinguish each individual user session.

Please , Think about having a dynamic  value when implementing this as a new feature request?


  • Admin
    Karen Qualley
    Nov 23, 2020

    Available now in 4.50.xC4W1

  • Guest
    Dec 12, 2019

    Small correction, As the changes are available, please contact Karen/Shelly to get pre-build of the changes.

  • Guest
    Dec 11, 2019

    The changes for setnet32 and ODBC Driver are available. Please contact technical support team to get the CSDK with changes. You can ask for idsdb00104829 (setnet32) and idsdb00104812 (ODBC).

  • Guest
    Nov 26, 2019

    Thanks for suggesting the way to capture sessions using --> onstat -g env all | egrep "session|CLIENT_LABEL" Nick. In a busy system , this command has given us all the sessions without CLIENT_LABEL set also. Where as querying 'sysenvses' table with the exact label name  gives us only the relevent sessions to be investigated on. Further, The output of onstat -g env all | egrep "session|CLIENT_LABEL" contains several pages and there could be a chance to misses some session entries with it easily. My view would be to have only the filtered required session list only on the intended onstat command. The suggested way we can use as a workaround till we have new onstat command (or arguments).

  • Guest
    Nov 22, 2019


    While CSDK setnet32 is primarily about setting environment variable only, and CLIENT_LABEL could be added in supported variable list. Until then the workaround suggested by Nicholas Geib could be used.


    However, does exact requirement says about ability to provide CLIENT_LABLE value as "database connection string option", similar to what JDBC driver supports today i.e.  "jdbc:informix-sqli://myhost:52220:user=myuser;password=mypasswd;CLIENT_LABEL=jdbc_client1" ?


    Which component (one or more) of CSDK i.e. ODBC, .NET, ESQL/C and OLEDB we are looking to have CLIENT_LABEL supported as "connection string" option?



  • Guest
    Nov 21, 2019

    Until setnet32 supports this here is a work-around.  CLIENT_LABEL can be used via the SET ENVIRONMENT statement.  E.g.

        set environment CLIENT_LABEL "my favorite application".

    Our documentation will be updated to include this.


    > One other requirement with this would be,  to identify associated sessions by providing a given CLIENT_LABEL using an onstat option. This way even for non-teachnical user can be easily identified all the sessions associated with a given CLIENT_LABEL without need to be executed 'dbaccess' database query using 'sysenvses' table.

    Please consider this: 

    $ onstat -g env all | egrep "session|CLIENT_LABEL"
    Environment for session 2739:
    CLIENT_LABEL another label
    Environment for session 2706:
    CLIENT_LABEL my favorite application