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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against products and services offered by the IBM Data & AI organization. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Welcome to the IBM Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to find out additional information and details about the IBM Ideas process and statuses.

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Please log the number of bwaits processed per minute in "badmin perfmon view" and the current number of bwait's queued in "badmin show status"

Currently, we can see the number of total bwaits that have gone into the system since we have command debug logging enabled, but we have no easy way to know how many wait's are queued up or what the throughput of bwait commands are. We would use t...
6 days ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 0 Submitted

lsf.conf documentation should report which daemon(s) need restart

Every time an lsf.conf entry is recommended by Support, I have to turn around and ask which daemon (or daemons) need a restart, which causes delay. The developers already know what daemons are affected by the changes, please document which ones ne...
27 days ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 1 Planned for future release

Support Session Scheduler Memory Limits with CGROUP v2

The current Session Scheduler in LSF 10.1 Fix Pack 14 does not support having memory limits when using CGROUP v2. Please enhance it to do so.
3 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 0 Under review

About /run/user/$uid

Could you please make "/run/user/$uid" the same for both ssh and interactive jobs? when user logon the host, /run/user/$uid is created by pam_systemd and used for storing files used by running processes for that user. When a user logs out, a...
5 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 3 Not under consideration

Support Rate Limiting in the LSF Proxy

We have a case where users, if left to their own accords will not eclipse the current supported connections, but in the end will diminish the batch performance if left on their own. So, provide a feature where I can have a configuration file that ...
6 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 1 Future consideration

Add support for GPU jobs in brun

Currently, the brun command can force a non-gpu job to run using various numbers of CPU's on one to many hosts, but this is not possible for GPU jobs. Add the ability to specify the GPU's or gpu_id's for a forced run gpu job to use, and follow the...
6 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 1 Not under consideration

Currently Job Priority Over Time Impacts all Queue and all Jobs - Instead optionally make it affect only Queues and Jobs that are APS Queues

The Job Priority Over Time is an excellent feature that is designed to be paired with APS dispatch rules. However, some users have setup soft dispatch or dispatch preferences in the normal queue which is not APS enabled that classify jobs by their...
6 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 0 Future consideration

Add a 'bsub -Gl limit_name' option to separate Fairshare Assignment from the Limit also add a default limit pattern to use if ONE_UG_TREE does not find a matching limit

We have many cases, where we have limits for users, but we also want to want to apply a fairshare group for the job to arrive at a base allocation. Unfortunately, with ONE_UG enabled, if the Fairshare Group does not have a corresponding Limit, not...
8 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 0 Future consideration

Limit Loans to certain User Groups and/or Project tag patterns in Guarantee Pools

We want to enable more loaning of resources, but the various teams are rather territorial. They would loan to some one in either the same user group tree, and/or the same Project by regular expression. Allow Guarantee Pools to support that loan po...
8 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 1 Future consideration

use "bconf" command to delete host and create or delete resource

It would be helpful for administrators. Simplify the management of HPC clusters.
8 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 0 Future consideration