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Spectrum LSF

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badmin should not call bhosts, bqueues command

During testing, noted that badmin hclose/qclose, hopen/qopen commands also issues bhosts and bqueues command respectively.bhosts/bqueues query commands should be for end users and LSF binaries should not call this commands like bhosts etc and pull...
10 months ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Not under consideration

Availability of Max used License Scheduler managed license token in LSF job records

License Scheduler keeps updating LSF job records for the actual number of license tokens used by the job. At the end, only the last used value of the license token is kept in the job records. LSF should record the maximum number of token used by L...
10 months ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Future consideration

License token distribution without share based calculation by LSF License Scheduler

In License Scheduler it is mandatory to configure Project mode or Cluster mode and specify the shares for all the defined Features.However, some license tokens are not tied to any project or cluster and should be distributed freely, without any fa...
10 months ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Planned for future release

Attach additional disks to VMs created by various resource connector host providers

Be able to attach an additional disk (as /tmp) to VMs created by the resource connector of various host providers (Google, Azure, Cyclecloud, AWS). Something native like an option within the *_templates.json that already has various attributes, p...
11 months ago in Spectrum LSF 0 Delivered

Enhance GSLA to enable in-queue preemption

The Guaranteed SLA system allows sharing of Resources defined by ServiceClasses. We would like to use that to allow two or more groups to pool and share compute slots, wherein they typically unused slots would be available to all of the groups. ...
11 months ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Future consideration

Enable bjobs to report peak CPU efficiency

Need to be able to retrieve the peak CPU efficiency from the bjobs command at the end of the run.
11 months ago in Spectrum LSF 3 Future consideration

Increase LSF Explorer auto log out time value

We are using LSF Explorer, while running queries for data older than 3-4 weeks which takes more time LSF Explorer auto logs out(300 seconds) while the query is still running in the background.In TS003951590 the concerned IBM support perso...
11 months ago in Spectrum LSF 0 Planned for future release

Set user limit for app in lsb.application like USERS field for queues in lsb.queues

It would be useful to set a list of users that can use APPS defined in lsb.applications like USERS filed il queues definition in lsb.queues.
12 months ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Future consideration

Job slot of suspended jobs should be used in pending jobs

Hi Team,I would like pending jobs to be executed on the slots, where jobs are suspended using bstop command.Currently its not happening and those suspended job slots are remains unused. I request you to have a look and fix this issues in future r...
12 months ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Future consideration

Add write_time timestamp column in Elastic Search for all LSF Explore Indexes

We believe it is vitally important to know when an entry was created in each index. This will tell us if their is delay in data being collected.It will let us know if we query for a full days data on day Y and see data from day X to know if our qu...
about 1 year ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Future consideration