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Cognos Analytics

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Ability to reuse/reference report elements in Dashboards

We need an ability to either reuse (copy&paste) or reference (like in Workspace) elements from Reports in Dashboards. Optimally we have the choice which way we want to use for the specific use case.Copy&paste contents from a Report to a Da...
about 1 month ago in Cognos Analytics / Dashboard 1 Not under consideration

Bursting Reports to Email from Cognos on Demand

Bursting reports that are migrated to Cognos on Cloud no longer burst to email recipients. This is an extremely useful future when generating reports for sales teams where the region/area of the report does not change but the person responsible do...
about 1 month ago in Cognos Analytics / Cognos Cloud 1 Not under consideration

Provide Job Scheduling in Cognos on Demand

When using Cognos on premises a job can be created to execute multiple reports. Each report can be configured to meet output requirements for format and distribution. Reports can be run concurrently or in sequence. A single job entry contains the ...
about 1 month ago in Cognos Analytics / Cognos Cloud 1 Not under consideration

Allow Multiple Sessions of CA in Edge Browser

In IE, it is possible to open multiple sessions of CA, for instance a CA Development env, Test env, and Production env all at the same time. When attempting to do so with Edge, a cookie error results. Not sure if the architecture of Edge will perm...
about 2 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Portal 1 Not under consideration

Add CA integration with Github

We would like to have native cognos analytics integration to github to store all sources/specs (reports/dashboards/..) to implement easily CI/CD. Today we use third party tools to version and deliver but with github integration it would be more na...
about 2 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Administration 1 Not under consideration

Add BigQuery Connector to Cognos On Demand Trial

Unable to evaluate Cognos because no bigquery connection available.
2 months ago in Cognos Analytics 0 Not under consideration

Automatic deleting filter details in case of deleting the column in Reports

Currently the system continues to keep filter details and applies them even in case when that data element (on which a filter is applied) has been deleted from Report. Users expect to have another logic in accordance to which such filter details ...
2 months ago in Cognos Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Upload PDF to Team content

We have latest versions of word documentation uploaded on Cognos in some folder. For example Cognos tutorials, data warehouse, data marts descriptions etc. Users have these documents immediately available. But we want users to have PDFs instead of...
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Connectivity from one server to other server in shared environment for Cognos tasks

If there is any functionality available in Cognos Analytics 11.1.7 by which we can connect to multiple servers from one server under one shared environment.For example, if I have a shared environment with 4 servers (A, B , C and D) can I login to ...
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics 0 Not under consideration

Cognos Report Studio - XML specification modifcation

Report specification can not be modified in the report. I have to copy to clipboard, modify the XML outside of Cognos and then open from the clipboard. However, new object is created with new IDs and so on.
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics 2 Not under consideration