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Cloud Pak for Data Platform

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Some users need to be unable to create analytical projects.

We have customers who want to create as many analysis projects as they need, under proper management, and are concerned that the number of analysis projects will become disorganized and unmanageable. Since the current specification allows any use...
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 0 Delivered

Administrators can limit resource usage on a per project or per user basis

In CP4D 2.5, any user can create data transfer projects and analytics projects, and there is no limitation about creating projects. In addition, there is no way to limit usage of resources per project or user. ("resource" means disk space, memory,...
over 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 1 Delivered

Administrator can see all of the projects on CP4D platform

Administrator cannot see the project name in the list if he/she is not registered as a collaborator of the project. That causes explosion of uncontrolled projects. We strongly hope administrator be able to manage all of the projects. At least, adm...
over 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 4 Delivered

Being able to label/tag data source connection

With a large number of data sources (connections) currently residing in the enterprise it is desirable to tag the data sources with multiple identifiers. For example, Application unique Id, Application Name, etc. This is not possible today to iden...
over 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 1 Delivered

Anti-affinity and poddisruptionbudget consideration with StatefulSet

StatefulSet replicas not start on individual nodes. For example: here 3 replicas from zen-megastoredb StatefulSet started on 2 identical worker nodes. Some context; OpenShift upgrade on node "worker-0" will fail here with messages about the machin...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 0 Delivered

Admin user needs to see all project names without collaborator auth.

Currently, users can see analytical project names on the list only when they are collaborators. If users create analytical projects freely and do not assign admin user as a collaborator, admin can not notice there are projects on the system. Som...
almost 3 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 0 Delivered

Customize the CP4D Login Screen

When a user logs into the application they are currently presented with a CP4D log in screen. This screen must allow customization so that it can be white labeled/branded. This allows customers/partners to change the look.
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 1 Delivered

Mail function of CP4D Platform enhancement

Currently, I understand that CP4D's mail sending function is as follows. The platform can send emails to users only when Watson Studio or Watson Knowledge Catalog are installed. If neither service is installed, the SMTP configuration is not used. ...
about 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 0 Delivered

Download preloadImages option not to download the same images.

For AirGap environment, images need to be downloaded. ./cpd-linux preloadImages --repo ../repo.yaml --assembly lite --action download./cpd-linux preloadImages --repo ../repo.yaml --assembly wkc --action download./cpd-linux preloadImages --repo ../...
over 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 1 Delivered

Ability to re-assign owner of connections

Need ability to re-assign owner of connections.
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data Platform 2 Delivered