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Replication: Q-Replication & Availability

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Encrypted Emails from ASNMON on Z

In our replication environment ASNMON is running on Z to monitor Q Replication processes on a significant number of Z systems. In case ASNMON records an exception, ASNMON sends emails to admin accounts. The mail server team generally requires encr...

Gracefully handle table failures & send email alert

When a table fails due to structure or availability changes, the replication set should instead set the failed table to inactive instead of crashing capture. It should also send an email notification to alert of the issue.

support for CHG_UPD_TO_DEL_INS=Y in Q-replication z/OS

we are on DB2 z/OS V12R1M509 and are migrating our applications from SQL-replication to Q-replication. we have multiple applications which use Non-Condensed, Non-complete CCD targets and are built around using IBMSNAP_REGISTER CHG_UPD_TO_DEL_INS=Y...
2 months ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 0 Planned for future release

Add an ability to start a q subscription via MODIFY on the Capture started task

Currently Q Capture subscriptions can be interacted with either via MODIFY command invoked on a Q Capture started task, or SQL insert statements executed on table IBMQREP_SIGNAL. For many customers, executing a MODIFY command to perform an action ...
4 months ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 0 Future consideration

Add CAPTUREUPTO as Q Capture startup parameter

We need an emergency mechanism to control the capturing of a limited and dedicated amount of time. Today, Q Capture can be stopped when a dedicated timestamp is reached using CAPSTOP CAPTUREUPTO=<ts>. But that is not useful when Capture is d...

For ASNMON update ASNMAIL EXIT with certain industry standard capabilities

Due to new internal infrastructure requirements, and the loss of the Q-REP dashboard, we need to be able to send email alerts via ASNMON. In order to do this, the ASNMAIL Exit must be enhanced to accommodate certain features which are considered ...
about 1 year ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 1 Delivered

Removed forced Requirement to force Replication Center to only run wit IBM JDK/JRE

Citigroup has a rule that only JDK/JRE that are supported by Citi are allowed to be used on all products that are packaged for general users. Currently the internal packaging team at Citi striped the IBM JDK/JRE from a Data Server Client 11.1.2. A...
about 1 year ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 1 Future consideration

Ignore log records for a dedicated subscription in IGNORETRANS

In very rare cases Db2 cannot provide log records for Q Capture, e.g. in case of a version mismatch, a compression dictionary error, etc. Removing the subscription and reloading the target is a practical approach. But in some situations (e.g., no...
about 1 year ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 0 Future consideration

SQLREP Capture and Apply

#1. SQLREP Capture Program problemThere is no way to replay a single registration from DB2 log. Currently it is all or nothing when it comes to starting Capture from a synch point. This is a problem because customers want to have the ability for ...
over 1 year ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 0 Not under consideration

Enhancement to add bidirectional Q subscription in one Db2 Server

We have the need to replicate data between two applications which are hosted in the same Db2.The challange was to exchange the data asynchron. The applications do not want to be disturbed if there is a downtime or problem at the other application ...
over 1 year ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability 0 Not under consideration