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Watson Knowledge Catalog

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Sort Tags list by Tag name

Problem statement/pain point: Tags list left under part in main panel. in now sorted by number of assets. User want to explore catalog with tags, so they scroll Tags list and fine the Tags they want to see.User can not find tags quickly with thi...
over 3 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Delivered

Sort tags in tag section (Panel for individual asset)

Problem statement/pain point: In the panel for individual asset, we have tag section in left side. Tag section show all tags added to this asset, but its seems these tags are not sorted by name, and we do not understand what kind of order is ad...
over 3 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Delivered

Search function for Tags(include type ahead)

Problem statement/pain point: Tags list left under part in main panel. in now we can not search tags in tags list.User wants to search specific or similar tags in many tags in tags list to find adequate tagged assets. As workaround in now, in m...
over 3 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Delivered

Governance Workflows by Steward

As a business SME, owner, or steward assigned to a governance artifact, I would like to know when that governance artifact has been created, modified, or deleted. Governance workflows should be configured so that a steward on an artifact is listed...
over 1 year ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 2 Delivered

Request Data Preview Capability in Default Catalog through Generic JDBC

Customer requests 'data preview' function in Default Catalog via Generic JDBC, thereby, data asset can be previewed for database type that doesn’t support by CP4D-WKC in the current stage. (As far as we know only about 3 databases are supported)
11 months ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 3 Delivered

Task Inbox Activities Panel View Pane - Increase Size and make dynamic (scalable)

When a comment is added to a task in the Task Inbox it is saved in the Activities Panel. However, the vertical size of that panel is literally 3 mm (yes, I measured it)! It is functionally totally useless for any purpose, especially effective coll...
6 months ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Delivered

When data is scanned using Quick Scan, customer would like to see options to be able to publish the data into a specific catalog and not the default catalog

Data Security Officer would like to restrict access to certain asset information to a group or division of people. Being able to publish discovered assets into catalog would be a big step towards achiveing zoning.
over 2 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Delivered

Support groups in rules, catalogs and categories.

We really need to be able to use local roles and / or groups LDAP in all interfaces of access settings in CP4D. Now only specific users can be specified.
over 1 year ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 2 Delivered

User Experience: Business Term Related Assets

At the moment, if you search for a business term, then you are able to see what tables/columns it has been assigned to. But the experience is not intuitive. You do it by selecting the term and then going to the "related content" sub-tab. Once ther...
12 months ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Delivered

Display CP4D search results similarly to IBM IGC search results

Currently, we have an on-prem CP4D 3.0.1 installation on OpenShift 3.11. Our Customer Business users are very confused as they were expecting CP4D search to work at least the same and at most even better as the search that was in the CP4D predeces...
over 1 year ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Delivered