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Status Delivered
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 7, 2019

.NET Core 3.0 Support

I have a developer who wants to use Blazor to build his application. It needs to query Db2 for z/OS. He reported the following error when using the Entity Framework driver with Db2 for z/OS:

Method 'get_Info' in type 'IBM.EntityFrameworkCore.Infrastructure.Internal.Db2OptionsExtension' from assembly 'IBM.EntityFrameworkCore, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7c307b91aa13d208' does not have an implementation.


I opened case TS002960074 on Db2 Connect to get more information and have gotten confirmation that the Entity Framework driver for Db2 does not have support for .NET Core 3.0. The support person has asked me to open an RFE for .NET Core 3.0 support in the Entity Framework driver for Db2.

  • Guest
    Oct 8, 2020

    Apologies for the delay in response. Please check

    IBM has resumed updating NuGet and we will have NuGet as the primary delivery platform going fwd.


  • Guest
    Aug 15, 2020

    Delivered where tho? Nuget hasn't been updated since 2018? Is there somewhere else to get this update because I'm building an Blazor app and have to be able to talk to DB2.

  • Guest
    Jul 6, 2020

    This has been delivered as of June 30, 2020.

    .NET 5 support is being looked into and its being planned for Dec 2020 delivery.

  • Guest
    May 28, 2020

    The timeframe on this is far too long. .NET Core 5 is already in preview, and IBM does not even have a driver for .NET Core 3.1

    .NET Core 2 is already out of support (except for 2.1, which was the LTS release for 2.x):, so IBM is really making it very tough for businesses to keep up-to-date.

    Basically, if a business wants to use newer technologies (or even a supported version of .NET Core), they're out of luck with IBM. And I have a feeling more people are going to be dropping DB2 than they would drop a language their developers are comfortable with. Especially with the high licensing costs of DB2. Obviously SQL Server is going to have day-one support in .NET, and even open-source databases like Postgres or MySQL are releasing pre-release drivers for .NET Core 5 already.

    It's somewhat embarassing how far behind this is.

  • Guest
    Apr 27, 2020


    Db2 Connect team is actively working on this and plan to ship this item [.NET Core 3.1] by June 2020.

  • Guest
    Mar 31, 2020

    Please add support

  • Guest
    Mar 26, 2020

    This issue isn't specific for Blazor. All .Net 3.x stack is getting this problem when trying to use the provider

  • Guest
    Mar 24, 2020

    How long does this usually take? Please work on 3.1 EF support.

    Thank you!

  • Guest
    Mar 10, 2020

    For those of you waiting on this and are able to install additional dependencies, I'd recommend using IBM.Data.DB2.Core along with Dapper - Dapper doesn't offer the exact functionalities of EF Core, but it'll allow you to use DB2 with .NET Core 3.x and still have entity mapping

  • Guest
    Mar 10, 2020

    Very disappointing to find this hasn't even been looked at. .NET Core 3.x has been out for 6 months at this point, all major competing platforms have their .NET libraries updated to work with the latest LTS (3.1)

  • Guest
    Feb 18, 2020

    Please IBM, you need to address this to stay relevant.

  • Guest
    Jan 28, 2020

    Would love to know if this is being looked at...

  • Guest
    Jan 17, 2020

    Any news on this yet?  
    IBM falling behind the times?

  • Guest
    Dec 30, 2019

    Any news?

  • Guest
    Dec 9, 2019

    Any news on this? .NET 3.1 has been released for awhile now and is a LTS (Long Term Servicing) branch. When can we expect support since we are paying for DB2 Connect maintenance?