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Workspace Planning Analytics
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 19, 2021

Need programmatic control over synchronization

I tried to built a report in PAW which has three separate grids, showing Month, YTD and Full Year. These must be separate grids as the other things that the grids show are different. There is a selector at the top allowing the user to choose the month. What is shown in the Month, YTD, and Full Year Grid then needs to change according to the month.

This is a very common requirement, but is incredibly difficult to achieve in PAW. This should be made a lot easier.

I tried to do this using a web sheet using formula to derive the YTD and Full Year according to the selected Month. However, Synchronisation in PAW is not granular enough and any attempt to turn on Sync resulted in the SUBNMs on the Web sheet being corrupted eg the Month SUBNM got set to a Year. I tried arranging things so that the Month, YTD and Year all came from different Named Hierarchies but the Month SUBNM was still getting corrupted with a year.

The only option that appears to work is to use a SUBNM on a web sheet to let the user select the month and to then DBS this into a cube dimensioned by }Clients and Measures, and to derive the YTD and Full Year in Rules and then reference that in MDX subsets, which are then used in the YTD and Full Year Grids. This is far too complex a solution to a common problem

It should be possible to achieve this without using Web Sheets.

Needed By Yesterday (Let's go already!)
  • Guest
    Oct 28, 2021

    Like others have said, we need the ability to read the selection value from a Selector or Dimension that is driving the process. Once we have the ability to do this, we can use it in MDX e.g.
    {StrToMember("[Period].[" + $VARIABLE + "]")},
    StrToMember("[Period].[" + [Period].CurrentMember.Name + " YTD]"),

    Above would allow you to retrieve 2023/08, 2023/08 YTD, 2023, and 2022/08 assuming the variable contained 2023/08

    Similarly, we would need the ability to assign the MDX to a dimension whether it be context, rows or columns. Linking to a subset is probably not ideal and trying to manually update the MDX driving the view may be too complicated for many.

    Ideally the scope also needs to be considered in terms of book vs sheet.

  • Guest
    Oct 25, 2021

    Synchronization is very basic in PAW. We need more control over the objects in PAW dashboards. Simple requirements needed in any dashboards are not met by this tool and it's impacting the adoptability. Just to get variance on 2 dynamically selected versions, we ended up writing mdx statements with mdx cube and that's very very complex for a very simple requirement. It needs to have drill downs from one chart to another!

  • Guest
    Oct 22, 2021

    I suggest you try to use the Workbench area that is designed for Modelers. Many ideas that are suggested have been implemented ( default vie, search, etc) already and more on the way. Thank you for the great observations.

  • Guest
    Oct 21, 2021

    Very good suggestions! If IBM wants PAW to be used a reporting tool, it needs more flexibility and control..

  • Guest
    Oct 21, 2021

    I did enter the following in the additional information but it doesn't seem to show up so adding as a comment.

    These are possible ways that better synchronisation could be achieved

    1. The ability to draw lines between grids and selectors to specify exactly what should sync with what.

    2. The ability to introduce names for selectors so that it is possible to specify which named selection a grid should sync with. Even if that name still has to be eg a Range Name on a Web Sheet that would be useful.

    3. The ability to introduce new calculation capabilities so that the related member on the grid could be calculated, eg adding '_YTD' to the monthly Period would work for this scenario. However, there would also be other more complex scenarios, eg they select a sub group but want to derive the parent group and show a grid for that. At present calculated members can only be used for numeric calcs and cannot be used as selectors.