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Db2 for z/OS

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Allow Client Information to be propagated from a Db2 REST call

In a multi-tenant environment it is of great importance to be able to quickly isolate a problem in order to resolve a problem. We are currently using the Db2 JDBC Client Information API to provide Db2 with various correlation data from our Java ba...
about 2 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 2 Delivered

Ensure data consistency in even the biggest LOBs without compromising availability

The only way to ensure data consistency in Db2 LOBs, is by regularly checking – and by always to ensure that we have at least one full and consistent image copy of all LOBs. Not to compromise availability, all CHECK LOB utilities must use SHRLEVE...
about 2 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 11 Delivered

Db2 use secure port only

We would like to be able to use secure connections only in db2. All traffic would have to use the secure port (SECPORT) and the TCPPORT would be disabled.
over 3 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Delivered

Provide a smarter refresh mechanism for RLF

Since Db2 version 12 changes in the RLF (resource limit facility) control tables no more longer become active automatically.After updating/inserting/deleting rows in the RLF control table we have to stop and restart RLF via a command. Please provi...
almost 3 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Delivered

Support for python ibm_db driver on z/OS using z ODBC driver

The requirement is to offer connectivity to Db2 on z/OS natively by using the z/OS ODBC driver. The python driver has been enhanced to successfully compile on the z/OS platform, and basic validation and regression suite validation has been done. ...
over 1 year ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Delivered

RLF refresh by using 'Start .....' command

Prior to DB2 V12 changes in RLF tables are immediately active. Since V12R1M100 RLF tables and values are cached. Please allow a refresh by e.g. the START-command for RLF table similar to the refresh for Profile-tables.Executing a RLF start command...
over 4 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Delivered


MR0803062516 DBDB2D/S05009Expand the MODIFY-UTILITY with a NOCOPYPEND-option, which suppresses the COPYPEND-exception.
almost 9 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Delivered

More efficient way of freeing or deleting a bind copy for trigger packages.

We would like a way to free or delete bind copy for trigger packages. You can delete/free rows from the bindcopy tables for triggers. For packages you use the FREE PACKAGE command with the PLANMGMT (INACTIVE) parm ...
almost 3 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Delivered

Make the TCPIP address available for security purposes

Currently the only data available on IP address is the literal 'TCPIP'Please make the IP address available in a standardized fashion/form that the ESMs can exploit for source ID checking/verification...
12 months ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Delivered

Enable usability for Native DDF Rest Services (e.g. APPLCOMPAT, Version,..)

Please support following enhancements for usability reasons for Native DDF REST Services:(1) APPLCOMPAT(2) enable Package Versioning(3) Switch between the versions (4) Deploy Native DDF Rest Services to a remote DB2 system
over 4 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Delivered