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Add an item starting from empty category in PersonaUI

According to the ticket number TS002134681, it is not possible to create a new Item from an empty category on PersonaUI. This allows the PersonaUI interface to be used only to view the items and manage the connected wf. It would be useful to have ...
over 2 years ago in Product Master 1

ACM SSL Support

Current ACM accelerator for commerce and PIM integration do not support to obtain secure MQ connection. SSL being a Industry standard, we want IBM to upgrade current ACM codebase to support SSL for MQ connection and for publishing the message. Thi...
over 2 years ago in Product Master 2 Planned for future release

Customize display of ElasticSearch's search results

Product : MDMCE 11.6 FP12 IF1 UI : Persona Based UITarget : ElasticSearchOur Business team use the Business UI for manage products , they use regularly the 'Free Text Search'. However the result display is not organized as they wis...
over 2 years ago in Product Master 0 Not under consideration

MDM CE 11.6 Rich Search on ColArea step add option for All items on step

We have MDM CE 11.6 FP 9 IF 3.When using a Rich Search on a ColArea step there're 3 options to search for:1) Items reserved by my user2) Items reserved by other user3) Item not reserved by anyoneWe would like to have an option to search for All it...
over 2 years ago in Product Master 1 Not under consideration

Add a setting that can allow descending/ascending order of DocStore files

Add a setting that can set either descending orascending order of DocStore files. Currently a user that wants to view the most recent files on docStore has to click on the Docstore menu/Docstore column to sort newest files first.
over 3 years ago in Product Master 0

In horizontal cluster define in two locations

I would like for the the horizontal cluster to include steps to isolate two separate locations of in a horizontal cluster that shares the same $TOP binaries.
over 3 years ago in Product Master 1 Not under consideration

Manage catalog/hierarchy views

"Hierarchy and Catalog views can be customized to personalize how item attributes are presented to a user" (Infocenter)Currently, in Single-edit or multi-edit screen, users can see all views configured/available. It is not a problem from Security/...
almost 4 years ago in Product Master 1 Not under consideration

Persona UI - Item Search By Category with "Must be in ALL categories" option

Customers want to search using multiple categories. In Admin UI, customers search for parts that exist in all of their selected categories from multiple hierarchies. This can be done by “Must be in ALL categories” option on the Admin UI. But the s...
4 months ago in Product Master 0 Under review

New UI – Cannot provide an order of Custom Tabs for all users

New UI – Cannot provide an order of Custom Tabs for all usersRefer to PMR TS003370023
over 1 year ago in Product Master 1 Not under consideration

Browsing the docstore in the old UI MDMCE 11.0 not same in 11.6

Browsing the docstore in the old UI, in MDMCE 11.0, the entire path to a file was displayed at the top of the screen (similar to windows explorer)This has vanished in 11.6, which makes it much harder to know current location in the filesystem, and...
almost 3 years ago in Product Master 2 Not under consideration