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Planning Analytics

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Use a Ctrl-Click to open PAW Items in a new tab?

Is it possible to modify PAW to open the selected item in a new browser tab when the control key (on windows) is held down when the hyperlink is clicked – just like all other hyperlinks? For example, it would be great to be able to click on “Admi...
9 days ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Add Azure SQL Server as a database option for Cognos Command Center

Currently Cognos Command Center only allows connection to SQL Server through either integrated or SQL authentication. With growing popularity of the Microsoft Azure SQL Server it will be extremely useful if such connection option can be added with...
9 days ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

TM1 Server is Ready Alert

Currently we have alerts set when the windows services associated with a TM1 server instance stops and when it is "running", however, these alerts are not a true indicator that the server instance is available/online in PA for our users as it is n...
21 days ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Multiple TM1 Login Server functionality in PAW Admin Tool

If you're using TM1 authentication mode it relays on only one TM1 login server, and when the admin server related to that TM1 Login server goes down, automatically all connected TM1 Amin servers become unavailable. This poses a big threat to servi...
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 2 Not under consideration

add capability to adjust the Admin to be a Analyst or User

Rather than creating Test/ Dummy accounts. Which is hard with federated SSO and same domain name, would be good if a developer could access data as a specific user role and access to TM1 Database. Then we can quickly test security models and not h...
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Synchronisation of TM1 View and PAW View

After insert a Cube View in a PAW Book there is no way to synchronize it with changes in TM1 Architect or the other way around. Many developers are still using TM1 Architect. For that it would be helpful to keep up a connection between the Archite...
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

PPT and DOCX Viewer in PAW

It is possible to share a document via link in PAW. It would be helpful if PAW can display the common file types like PPT and DOCX directly in a Book.
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

File Management in PAW

In some use cases for planning it is necessary that a user wants to uploud or share a file for other. It would be helpful if we can offer something like a file explorer in PAW to upload different types of files so that every user can download them...
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Add property to setup page size by tab

On the new experience, the page of the tabs can't be defined, it is automatically defined with the max height of the largest tab from the book.Support team tried to assist by changing the layout and preset of the page but it doesn't help.
about 2 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Make PAW LCM Improvements

LCM PAW seems half baked, suggest a rethink and a sit down with a customer who has the task to migrate between environments. Copies between environments from Shared to Personal, then the user has to Save as every Book so the permissions are not re...
2 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration