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Planning Analytics

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PAW: The cancel button on the set editor is huge

The cancel button on the set editor is huge (Image 1). Would it be possible to give it the same size as the other 3 buttons on the right? and potentially another color to make it clear that there’s a cancel button and not an empty space (Image 2)
6 months ago in Planning Analytics 2 Not under consideration

Column and Row scroll synchronization

When there is more than one view on a PAW sheet, and either the rows or columns extend beyond the visible screen area for both views, it would be common for users to want both views to scroll simultaneously. For example, let’s say both views have ...
about 1 year ago in Planning Analytics 0 Future consideration

Add server name, cube name and view name to title in PAx cube viewer

Add server name, cube name and view name to the title in the PAx cube viewer, similar to what is displayed in the Perspectives cube viewer. As of PAx v32, only the name of the view is displayed in the cube viewer. This can be confusing, if you hav...
over 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 0 Planned for future release

Automated Upload of PAW Users via CSV

At the moment Users and Roles need to be set by the Administrator or needs to be uploaded by an Administrator into the PAW System via the Administration Console. Currently Human Interaction is needed to do these Steps. In an Enterprise System with...
over 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Future consideration

All Reports should be viewed in single page instead scrolling towards right in workspace Dashboard

Recently w ehave upgraded PAw from 2.0.33 version to 2.0.73 version In Planning analytics dashboard we have 10-15 reports in a dashboard in our environment ,User painpoint is that they have tio scroll towards right to view the reports one by one i...
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 0 Submitted

Fitting the grid to page width in a book (PAW 2.0.58) even when plan sidebar and properties are hidden

Hello, I create a book with 1 grid and with those properties : Layout positioning = Relative Preset = Screen 16:9 Fit page = Yes When I hide the Plan sidebar and the properties bar, the grid is not fitted on all the width of the page. I do not hav...
over 1 year ago in Planning Analytics 4 Is a defect

PAW Image local folder

When designig a PAW Book, we can insert object types "Image": to show it, we have to put an URL which addresses the Image. To do this, we need to setup a new Web Server or use an existing one (if we have...) and place all you images onto this web ...
about 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 2 Planned for future release

General behaviour of opening the set editor from Pafe Task Pane.

Problem 1 : If you select edit set from a specific subset then you don’t get to that subset, you get to the default (if defined) or the All Roots, not a logical step. Even more confusingly the header for the set editor gives the set name you opene...
10 months ago in Planning Analytics 0 Submitted

Change position for group of widgets

In Planning Analytics Workspace Current behavior: When we group multiple widgets together, Changing the position for the group using properties the position assigned to all widgets inside the group not to the group position. Steps to reproduce: 1-...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 0 Submitted

[TM1Web] Password Expiry Prompt

When password expiry approaches, TM1 Perspective will prompt the users to change password upon login, we are expecting TM1Web to behave the same, but found out it is a missing feature of TM1Web. Not all users are allow to use TM1 Perspective, ther...
over 1 year ago in Planning Analytics 2 Not under consideration