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Replication: Change Data Capture

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IIDR to run on zIIP

Allow IBM InfoSphere Data ReplicationChange Data Capture to do more work on a z Integrated Information Processor as opposed to the general processor.
about 4 years ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Not under consideration

Avoid lock table on full refresh process

We have been contracting the IIDR for z/OS a long time but just Q Replication was used until 2 months ago, so when we started to use the CDC for DB2 with target CDC Kafka in development environment we see that a lock table in source table is done ...

CDC support for TLS v1.3

CDC for Zos is not supporting TLS V1.3 for AT-TLS.After talking to IBM,CDC Java and Access Server use Java 8, which supports up to TLS 1.2. So, CDC doesn't not currently support TLS 1.3.I was asked to raise an enhancement request for this
7 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Planned for future release

Add TLS support for CDC iSeries

Today more and more customers in France wants to implement encryption for the data's replicated by CDC. Especially for Bank/Insurances/Telecom
about 2 years ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 4 Planned for future release

Need to be able to rename a CDC subscription

Need to be able to rename a CDC subscription, as this is currently not supported.
about 2 years ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Future consideration

Supporting Oracle parameter exafusion_enabled = 1

IIDR cannot replicate with Oracle 12cR2 Exadata parameter exafusion_enabled = 1. Apparently, IIDR do not know how to process Oracle logs when the parameter is set to 1. However, this parameter is crucial for the best Oracle DB functioning and perf...
almost 3 years ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 0 Delivered

CDC support for replication to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

We use IBM Data Replication (CDC) to replicate data to SQL Server. We would like to move our data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse but CDC for SQL Server fails to configure an instance against Azure SQL Data Warehouse. CDC should support replicating da...
over 3 years ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 0 Future consideration

CDC needs to be able to "Refresh" tables in Parallel

We have extremely large tables which are replicated and targets are in cloud.Normally all the tables are grouped in few subs.During the initial refresh process , the tables are loaded in sequential order one by one and it takes several hours to lo...
7 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 2 Future consideration

Support of MultiByteCode for IBM i Agent

We have to store data from different IBM i Systems from several countries, with diffent local encodings (DE/AT = CCSID 273, NO = CCSID 277, BE = 500, ...) into one target schema. Therefore we descided to use for character fields the data type NCHA...
7 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 2 Not under consideration

Support MongoDB in IIDR CDC

Currently it's supporting Cloudant very well, we hope it can support MongoDB as well, then we can easily replicate data to MongoDB in cloud.
over 1 year ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 0 Future consideration